Why is ex doing this?

Broken up for 3 months. His doing. I don't call him at all, and about 2 weeks ago he started calling me. Once at 5 in the morning( I get up for work then) and once again this week to wish me happy 4th. what does he want?

I should have added I don't think it's for sex because he is 500 miles away.
thanks ladies for all your great answers.


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  • I agree with the girls that commented before me.

    But be careful. He either wants to rekindle the relationship, wants friendship, or he wants the typical sex after the break up.

    If you want to talk to him, then I believe that you should.

    But if you don't, either ignore him or tell him straight up.

    Don't be afraid to voice your opinion towards him.


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  • I think he left the breakup for a while to cool down with emotions and now he is trying a few icebreakers to get you back to being civil and neutral friends.

    I think he still likes you for definate, or he wouldn't make the effort and might possibly have feelings for you? It's difficult to tell at this stage until he creates some additional action to his behaviour.

  • he wants something. it might be wanting to get back with you, or to become friends. It could be sex or some other favor. Yeah, it could be a lot of things but he wants SOMETHING

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