Am I doing the right thing in walking away?

I fell for my best friend's older brother - cliche I know - we were together for 18 months and during these months I have the reason to suspect he cheated. He would also ignore me for days on end if I did something that he didn't like and would believe that everything that went wrong was my fault?

every time I didn't do something he liked he would tell me he didn't love me - then go spend a whole day with his ex girlfriend - then message me the next day telling me he does love me and that he is so "fucking sorry".

Well I recently went on holiday and he done this exact thing 12 hours before I was meant to fly to Spain. The next day when I woke up in Spain I had that apology text, but whilst still on holiday he became very very cold towards me again. His. Attitude changes towards me whenever I leave our home town to go on holiday with family or friends - one minute he wants me and the next he doesn't!

However, when this happened in Spain I felt something snap inside of me and I decided I didn't want to be put through anymore games of is. So I asked him nicely to stop the games because truthfully he has been playing with my head and my heart - this made him snap and since then I haven't heard from him.

I, myself am keeping myself occupied since coming home by working to stop myself thinking about what has happened. But a part of me misses him...

Have I done the right thing in walking away?
Am I doing the right thing in walking away?
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