Can you guys give me your thoughts on my ex?

She broke up with me last month. She said she wanted to work on herself and she needed space. I tried to fight for her once and right after, immediately went into no contact.

she continuously attempted to text me but I kept my text minimal. One day she said I was only in it for sex.

she always attempted to be friendly with me when I see her.

then, it seemed as if she tried to make me jealous hanging out with my colleague (who never knew about us but we were pretty obvious). during this time, she seemed bitter and always had her back facing me. She never wanted to be in the same room as me.

all of a sudden she becomes extremely friendly and starts teasing me. On top of that, she would play fight me.

i don't get it.

please help!


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  • She's playing mind games and creating drama, don't run after her anymore, or talk to her frankly about what you feel and that you don't like the situation. Be honest so either she justifies or she leaves by her own way.


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  • Let her go for good. She is playing games.


What Guys Said 2

  • Your best bet is to give her space. If you want her back that's also the best way. If you want to get back with her look at breakupbrad. com on youtube.

  • just move on, it is over, she is your ex


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