Why do Exes Try to Cling onto Something that Isn't There Anymore, and Hasn't Been There for a While?

This guy that I used to talk to is basically blowing up because apparently all I ever wanted was to sext, and I was a bad girlfriend and we can never be friends and blah blah blah. Literally every time we sexted, he initiated it. I would get super pissed at him because he wouldn't take no for a fucking answer, so he's blaming me for all the arguments we ever had--although if he wouldn't have tried to pressure me into something I didn't want to do, we wouldn't have this problem. This basically turned into a rant, but really, why is he being so damn over dramatic now? It's been a while since we stopped talking, why now?


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  • It's what exes do. That's why after a breakup I don't give the the time of day. They are blocked and ignored.


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  • well from the sound of what you just wrote. he must still be sending you Texts to you or contacting you somehow.
    for you to be bothered by him. if there are absolutely no feelings not one Left. then just block his phone number. most carriers allow you to do that or there are apps you can get to block number. if there is even if only one positive feeling left for him. then I would tell you to just hit the reboot button on the relationship at the beginning of the relationship for the first couple months. its usually a lot of sex or sexting in this case. after the sexting is finished when things are cooling down. you can ask him questions. he should be more relaxed at that time and be more willing to answer questions and even ask a few to get to know more about you

  • He's an asshole I'd block his ass whoever can't take no can't take a relationship


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