Will my girlfreind come back she said she don't love me any more she don't want to be with me or anyone she want me to leave her alone?

basically my girlfriend's parents come to know about our relationship and they don't want her to be with me my girl even fought with them for me and but her parents continue to pressurised her to not to be with me even they became violent to her and to help her to save our relation i contacted my ex because recently her boyfriend was able to convince her parents so that's y I contacted her and she told me the way to convince her parents when I told my girlfriend about this I haven't told her that I contacted my ex I told her that my friend suggested me this but after few hours I told my girlfriend that I have contacted my ex and she got upset and broke up with me and then my friend told me that she broke up with me for a new guy and then I got angry and called her and make her insult but when I come to know about truth she didn't do anything she was loyal it was my friend who lies to me and now I sorry to my girl but she told me that she doesn't love me anymore I have told her whole story but she said she wants to leave her alone she doesn't want to live with anybody she said if in her future someone love her more than me she will go with him but not with me anymore she said she doesn't want to live with a guy who doesn't respect her will she come back to me I know I was in anger but it was not intentionally is there any way to get back her trust again to get back her I really love her pls tell me what should I do to get her? back her trust?


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  • she may come back, not likely,

    I wouldn't get back into that relationship, if she can't handle you just talking to your ex, and saying doesn't want a guy who can't respect her will, sounds like she wants to be in control of you,

    • bro love doesn't see any controle i will just wish she may come if she will not come i will wait for her forever i know it will not be easy for me but i have no options bro every one has self respect she also have at her place she is right all i can do is wait for her

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