Will she care about me leaving?

I dated a religious girl for a while, and during a break, I basically disappeared. I got rid of my Facebook and never went back to where we used to hang out.
She searched me out and found my Instagram. we reconnected and all that. We told eachother we had grown to love eachother.

She left for her mission in December, and pushed me away, and she told me God told her to not be in my life.
I decided to fight for her, and tried to convince her to not remove me from her life.
She said she had changed a lot, and she said she needed someone within the church, and she wanted to be friends so she could talk to me about the church.
She didn't even talk about us, and ignored a lot of what I said.
After she signed off, I sent her a message saying that I respect her decision, but when she returns from her mission, she will not be able to find me or contact me. and I said goodbye.

My RadioShack closed and I quit my second job, both places she visited regularly to see me. I have already made a new Instagram account without any links to me. I will delete my Facebook on the 4th, because I sent her mom a message and wanted to see if she would reply.
What I'm asking is. While she's there now, when she reads that, would she even bother to reply? Will she care?
Will she search for me when she gets back? Will she care that I made myself hidden from her?
What she's done hasn't been fair to me...
Will she care about me leaving?
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