Guys, what are signs that you haven't moved on yet from your most recent ex?

She blocked you everywhere possible. Because you said some hurtful stuff to her. You only been broken up for a month. You dated for 9 months. You used to talk everyday from morning to night. She was your first love. Are you over her? She thinks you have moved on. :(


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  • let us summarize the data we have and process it:
    He fell in love for the first time... way to go)
    He talked from day to night (So sweet 😊)
    The talk went on for 9 months (woooahhh 😳 great !!)
    He got angry for some reason and said something bad (bad boy 😤)
    She blocked her... from everywhere (he deserved it right? He should be punished for this sin. She will not forgive him. )
    A month paased... nothing happened (🤔 didn't they loved each other , how's that possible )
    The girl is worried because she couldn't find anyone else like him (that's what everybody does after breakup , searching a similar alternative)
    Now what should she do?

    To be honest there are too many gaps in this story to come up to a reasonable answer like what happened to that guy during that 1 month , what is he doing now? what did she do for 1 month and what triggered her to think about him.

    But still we can come to an answer howerve superficial it might be.

    If she isn't arrogant :
    she should go and apologize for what she did whether or not she or him wanna be together as an adult. Because from this story her action was highly unreasonable. Then sort it out. Only they can find a solution as it was their problem. Decide if their moments together make a good enough memory to give it a 2nd chance.

    If she is arrogant :
    she should wait for 100yrs for someone like him to come.

    Again , you might not find this useful but you see this is story. So don't worry 😁

    • he broke up with her through text. he got fired that day too. she said ok. he's been texting her 2 days after break up saying he can't stop thinking about her. 2 days later, she was close by his place so they met up outside. he had his hands all over her but she told him stop because they are no longer together. he got mad and they parted ways. he texted her to move on and he ain't coming back. the next day they had an argument over text and he said to not talk anymore. so she blocked him off. 3 days later, she unblocked him because she no longer was angry. but she accepted he is gone. but he texted her a long ass letter and told her how sorry he was and didn't mean what he said. but she told him she forgave him and cannot stay mad at him. they were good for a bit until he kept flirting with her but always telling her they are just friends and giving her false hopes in the future. during the whole month they made up fight but didn't get back together

    • I don't understand this. Why does this girl even think about him anymore. I mean she can so easily accept that they're no longer together. But I guess she is expecting something to happen to Undo whatever has happened. It must have been an easy life to miss it so much. But also on another part , I think this girl lost interest in this relation at some point to forget her relationship in a matter of just 2-3 days. It even looks like she was almost relieved to have him let her go. She should accept this separation. It would be bad for both of them to stick to false hope.
      And yeah , she should tell that guy what she really really feels about this realtion and ask him to move on.

    • he been texting her every day good morning, good night how are you all day. he wants to know everything about her. but she still loves him and she is having hard time letting go. that is why they end up arguing. the guy makes time for her. he even told her one day, if he can spend all his time with her, he would but he has a big exam he is preparing for. but the next day after a fight, he said he has low tolerance of her and he doesn't care if she stays or goes out of his life. he said she makes him not wanna talk to her anymore. she said ok. all these words hurt her so bad. she stopped talking to him for a week. until the other day she said hey to him. he replied in a millisecond, and said it's been so many days since we last talked. then he kept talking about how he wasn't online forever and he's been adding friends to his chat which he never did before and he's been chatty about nonsense news and she was like ok wow. he seems very happy...

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  • did you really move on or was it just a test?

    • i haven't moved on yet... :(

    • unfortunately, this is games and not communicating your feelings well. I don't think it will work on a healthy person. been there, done that.

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  • when i think of sex or masturbate , she comes to mind.. because she was only one i had sex with

  • What did he tell you?


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