If I could please get as many opinions on this guy I would greatly appreciate it?

So this guy, I'm 22 he's 30. We started talking back in April and met each other we both live in different states but I have family in the state that he lives in. When we met we had an amazing time together and we wanted to see each other again. A week or so after we met he got mad at me for sending him a photo than posting it on Instagram and didn't talk to me for a week. Then he said he was sorry for being difficult and that he thinks I'm amazing and that he cares about me he just gets a little crazy sometimes.
Everything was good for a couple of days then again bam he stopped texting me. It's been a month with no contact.
So im visiting the state where he lives again and I thought I'd be nice and try to reach out to him despite everything and see him. No reply back from him. I woke up this morning to him posting this photo on social media.  If I could please get as many opinions on this guy I would greatly appreciate it?He captioned this photo "how do you break up with someone you're not in a relationship with?" I found this extremely childish. If he so wants nothing to do with me why hasn't he unfollowed me in this past month? Why hasn't he blocked my texts? Why hasn't he deleted me off snapchat? Why? I have been so nice to him and haven't called him any names, even after this shitty move.

He was in a relationship for 6 years, I also believe he's an alcoholic. Just before we stopped talking he was drunk one night and said how special I was to him and that he wants children, and that he wants them planned.


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What Guys Said 1

  • He is 30, you are 22. I just don't see a good future for the two of you.

    From my perspective, he has a screw loose, he has not got his shit together, he may be very charming (at times), but he is not "just a little crazy at times".

    Cut your losses. Move on.

    But again, it is only my opinion. You know him, I don't.


What Girls Said 2

  • You are young, don't worry about this guy. Have fun and enjoy life. He obviously don't want to see you anymore and he isn't making any effort so just move on. If he text you don't reply, he seems very childish even for the age of 30.

  • Text him; "I'm going to suck your dick" and see if he replies then and when he does tell him it's too late and that he blew it.

    Sounds completely not worth even the mental effort.


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