She loves me... she loves me not... im so confused?

One day she wants nothing to do with me next day she loves me next day there's no chance for reconciliation and the next day she's asking me to hang out... she often brings up the past hurt I've caused her i listen intently and always accept my part for the failure of our relationship and always give my sincerest apology... im doing the best i can to change I violated her trust and lied as well as disrespected her to the point where she ended our relationship i told her last night that if she doesn't want to work things out than tell me so i can move on permanently and i had to ask her 3x the same question but she dodged the question each time and said she doesn't want to lose me as a friend... i feel she has been subtly hinting all this time that i need to shape up and fight for us... but i know she doesn't to outright say it but a big part of me says dont give up I need some female perspectives


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  • If you hurt & mistreated her in the past and she still stayed that should tell you something. She obviously cares for you a lot. It seems like she wants you to fight for your relationship and make it up for the past. I think you should try, but if it doesn't work, I would recommend to move on

    • We broke up twice before it was only for a day or so each time... i know she cares and loves me but she doesn't trust me.. although i lied to her it was only the one time and it was done out of fear of losing her

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    • Earning trust takes time, especially after it's broken. It's not easy, but if you love her it's worth trying. The most important thing for her is probably to see you owning up to your mistake and realising what you did wrong.. and just try to make it up for her.. but again, if all of that effort doesn't work after some time and the relationship is unhealthy, then you should move on

    • Any ideas on how to start slowly gaining her trust back?

  • How do you feel about her?

    • she's the love of my life i would do anything for her and part of me feels like she knows it

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    • What should i write? A poem... another apology. .. i dont know where to start to be honest

    • Write what's in your heart. If it happens to be an apologetic poem, so be it😊

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