What does my taurus Ex think of me? I need help urgently?

Im a scorpio and my ex is a taurus. me and this guy had the best relationship. He was Loyal, sweet and caring. i had confessed things to him and one was about my ex. after i told him he took so much care of me but my ex came in the way. he tried to do things to me and i didn't let him. I confronted him and went away. I didn't tell my boyfriend that because it was nothing to worry about. But my bestfriend was going out with his bestfriend and i told my bestfriend what had happened. His friend saw it took screenshots and showed it to him and told him im cheating on him. He stopped speaking to me so i asked him whys he's not talking to me he then sent me a paragraph saying he can't concentrate on anything because i hurt him and that he needs space. he did not let me explain what happened but after a week he had texted me saying i lost feelings and we should just be friends and that he knows the real answer. we started of as friends but then he kept on trying to get my attention always smiling, staring, and teasing me. he then found someone else and i got upset but his friend texted me:flirting, so i did it back. after a few days he showed me a picture of my exs girlfriend and said to me she's so beautiful. i knew my ex had tried to find out if i got jealous. his friends would always smile and look at me and look at him. when im with other guys he would get angry and jealous. he always stares at me but we dont talk. i feel like he's too scared. then my friend asked him if he liked me but he replied tell her fuck off tell her move away from my life. after what he said i was moving on but i spoke to this girl about it and she said its cause he's still in love with me. but apparently he's angry at me. i think its because of our relationship? what do you think


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  • The horoscope is all bullshit and true dumb for believing it. It's man made.

    • so what do u think about the question without the horoscope stuff?

  • a Taurus is very possessive controlling materialistic if he's on your side they will nobody bother you

    • what do you mean?

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    • oh yes that Taurus possession comes into effect

    • and to be truthful with you he probably still does love you

What Girls Said 1

  • As a Taurus female guys Taurus are more hard to read. If he wants you he will contact you, if you pissed him off. Good luck with that. The way to try to make him better is to get him something he really wants not even expensive or try to make him laugh.

    I've dated guy Scorpios and the women are nicer than the guys who are hard to read. Just remember that a Taurus is like a toddler, the Aries is the newborn that's why they have a quick temper... etc.

    Buy him a gift and send him a apologetic letter, you have to take a dive for a Taurus, I'll forgive anyone as long as you admit you did wrong and being the Scorpio that you are that's probably hard to you

    • he's being really confusing but we dont talk. i sent a happy birthday little paragraph to him but he ignored it

    • i haven't done anything wrong to him and he knows that

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