What am I supposed to do/ say when I see him?

Well... I've been with this guy for nearly 6 months and that's the longest I've ever been in a relationship, so as you can imagine when he broke up with me out of the blue I was in pieces. We were fine the day he did it and he was saying how he couldn't wait to see me and that he loved me and then he broke up with me that evening. Well anyway since then I went to see him and he hugged me when I had a panic attack and even kissed me quite a few times and told he loved me. I've spoken to his mum and he's self destructed and gotten into a fight, hurt himself even been chased by 3 fully grown men. He's turned into his old self before I was with him. She's told me he's fighting with his parents now and stayed out doing all nighters which he isn't allowed to do. He's lied to me saying he's met someone new but he hasn't because he's been hanging around with his boys and hasn't even met any girls as all of his friends keep telling me and even his mum told me. I'm so confused and just want him back but I'm not sure what to say to him (face to face) when I see him on Tuesday. I know he still loves me it's just getting through to him after his behaviour. Please help me!!!


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  • Try to support him maybe?


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