Living with my ex... what shall I do?

We broke up three months ago, we had no contact for a month and then we contacted each other after a while and he started to help me with some things. Over time we started to spend more time with each other. He wanted to help renovate my new house and he was here almost every day. We previously agreed to be friends yet I want more then that, I still love him and we were together for three years.

He told me previously that he was going to go away for the summer and travel somewhere, he was making plans to get away and I was not part of them.
So anyway, after redecorating the house, due to circumstances and I guess his change of mind, he and his room mate moved into my big house. It made sense, cheaper rent and it felt like this was my exes way of showing that he still cared. He bought me gifts and treated me to yummy home cooked dinners.

We had a few small chats about the situation and we agreed that what is meant to be will be. We talked about the fact that he is here with me and he is not travelling and that is something. Yet, I still feel very confused with the situation. We are acting the same as we were as when we were in a relationship, minus the physical contact, yet there are lingering touches. We still go everywhere together and make plans with each other for the future and even next year. It is like we are getting on better as friends and I know it is a front on my part as I want him to see the good in me but I want more. I still love him and it is killing me every day to be in the same house as him and to not be able to feel him close to me :(

I am scared he is going to meet a new girl soon and he will move on, or that he only wants to be friends but if that was so then why would he chose to live with me and change all of his plans? He says there is no relationship but I am scared to talk to him about the future because I do not want to get hurt.

Has anyone experienced this and do you have any sound advise? Thanks :)
Living with my ex... what shall I do?
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