How should I go about getting back in touch with my ex when we haven't seen each other since the breakup?

I'm wanting to get back in contact with my ex girlfriend and try to build our contact back up. we broke up 3 months ago and since then the only contact made was only for things that were necessary and only through text. She had said, after our argument, it was in her best interest we no longer be in touch. She unfriended me but didn't block me from Facebook. So, I stayed out of touch for about a month, at which point I had to ask some important questions, then stopped contacting her until a couple weeks ago, when I had another important question.

today I decided to send her a text because something made me think of her. It was just a friendly text telling her what happened and that I hoped she was doing well. I left it at that. I'm sure her guard is up, and I have to go about things carefully.

Im figuring that it could take time to get a response, if any at all, and I'm sure many will say just to let it go, I'm not looking for that answer, so no need to say it. I'm not holding onto that as my only chance with someone, and not keeping my hopes up. what my question is is how to go about texting her, how long to wait if I don't get a response, as I didn't ask a question, I may not get an answer. I'm just doing what I can to give my best try.


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  • You've sent a text, the ball is in her court. If she wants to respond she can, if she doesn't want to, she won't. There's nothing more for you to do. Just move on like she probably is trying to do. Do not text her again if she doesn't respond to your last one.


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