Am I looking too deep into this?

I (20) recently broke up with my boyfriend (29) of 13 months because I felt really unappreciated. I asked him to walk me home a week ago and he got angry about me asking too much of him. He's done this several times with very trivial and things that I've suggested that have never been confrontational. I was tired of all the arguing that stemmed from nothing and left.

A few days later he visited me crying about not being able to move on but also not asking to get back together. He's only come over once before so this was a big move. I know if I made the move to get back together, he would say yes but he is too prideful to do it himself.

From the beginning of our relationship he refused to be exclusive until half way in despite not seeing anyone in that time. For that reason, I have always felt like a back up.

He always makes jokes that make me feel insecure. The jokes in and of themselves I can handle but not when I already feel so insecure due to the two prior issues I explained.

when we argue he immediately says break up with me if it's a problem and eventually that's what I did. From this information alone, I am confident in that decision but there are two things that I still think about.

1- most of his close friends absolutely hate me but the ones that don't tell me that he is clearly a much better person because of me. I think in that respect, he appreciates me a lot but is too prideful to admit it

2- I looked through his phone (I know, bad idea) and read text messages with exes. In all their final arguments, he refuses to be friends or even talk to them after they break up but he wants to stay in contact with me. Do you take that as a sign that I am special to him?


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  • You're not looking deep enough! All of his behaviors, taken together, reveal him to be shallow, self-centered and emotionally unavailable. You are young enough that their are many other choices available to you.
    You were smart to walk away. Now be smarter and keep on walking.

  • If you have been someone who has affected and changed his life in a good way. He is definitely gonna miss you all his life. He wil also start feeling bad and sorry for not having treated you well and losing you. I hope he learnt his lessons and starts treating people who love him better and not take them for granted. As far as you are concerned you should be happy, have no regrets and move on. You have changed someone for the good :-)


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