How do I let her know what I'm feeling without destroying our friendship?

We had a mutual breakup. We both thought that it was what was best. But I still love her... that's the problem. I stay awake at night wondering why did I have to screw up like I did. I still talk to her and hang out with her...
When I ask her to hang out she says ya sure, then ignores me completely and hangs out with my siblings, that is one of the reasons I ended the relationship... it got really old and made me sad and angry.
I miss her a lot though and I want another chance... I know what your gonna say... your gonna tell me to move on, but I don't want to!!
I want to tell her how I feel without upsetting her... just need advice. How do let her know ow how I'm feeling without destroying our friendship?
When I text her she seems upset with me. I say goodnight sweet dreams and she just replies night.
I try to be funny and nice like I was when she loved me and it doesn't work it just ticks her off


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What Girls Said 1

  • Well I say definitely tell her and also you should chill in the relationship if she gives you another chance and never freak out over something talk about it in a calm manner
    Also it's a good thing that she gets along with your family
    Also try hanging at her house
    Just tell her how you feel


What Guys Said 1

  • My dude I think you should just tell her if she reacts negatively than you need to move on because from the fact that she's ignoring you and hanging with your siblings that's a red flag. someone who likes/loves you would actually want to hang out with you.


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