Guys, Why he doesn't left my mind?

I think of him non stop... even when i try not to... i see him in my night dreams... I check his insta and facebook , even though its already for 5 month, it doesn't uptade... bcoz... he died in car crush.
i found it out about it several weeks ago... We dated in past and were very close emotionally once , he was my ex... But broke up 1 year ago...
at his last year 2016 he started to date every single girl, even tried to date my sister but was refused and blocked... lol
and thats strange, cuz he always was a kinda shy guy with low self esteem...
and it seems like before his death he tried to everything? But how could he know... prejudice?
And again, i am thinking of him... afraid to see his ghost and afeaid to sleep


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  • Sorry to hear.

    • I had no feelings for him already... i am just shocked about his death

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