If your parent slept with your partner what would you do?

I read a true story on the net where this woman says she saw her mom making out with her husband but she ignored it. She heard them go in a bedroom alone right after and when her husband came to bed she asked him, 'did you have sex with her?' He says, 'no'. She let it go. Eventually he left her anyhow. Wife stays friends with her mom and lets her see her grandkids.

I'm thinking wtf. If i saw my so making out with my dad, I would never utter 1 word to either one of them again. Probably 30% chance I go psycho and get arrested for 'taking out the trash' too. I'd probably have to drive 1k miles away just to avoid going postal tho.

What would you do?
  • Never talk to them again
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  • Talk to parent but not ex
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  • Bury everybody in a shallow grave
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • They could both excuse themeselves from my life. There's no good justification. When I get pissed enough, I snap and go numb/cold. I couldn't be bothered with murder unless they dared put their hands on me. Let my mom try and see my kids after that b. s.. she's done too much to me already, if the went that far... no words lol


Most Helpful Guy

  • I would break it off with my SO and never talk to him again
    And I probably would cut contact off with my parent for a while, but eventually talk again


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  • I would definantly leave my so but it's hard to just shun ur parent out but holy crap I would be pissed af at them so I'm not really sure how o would handle that

  • I would allow them to be together, but I would distance myself from them for a very long time. I'd probably never talk to my SO other again, but my mother is my mother.

  • I'd try to repair the relationship with my mom because I'm only ever going to have one mom but I'd dump the guy in a heartbeat.

  • C haha.


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