Do girls on the rebound get into all the same stuff the rebound is into just to force a connection?

I left my ex and she started dating a new guy a month later that's not at all her type, douchey and obsessed with himself, he's super into lame gangster rap and she always hated that stuff, she's very against sexism in music and in general. But now she listens almost exclusively to all that crap! Is she just doing it cause she likes him and will eventually realize she's being fake and not being real about who she is and leave him? Or did she really change that fast? She likes soft gentle indie music with a lot of heart and complexity, her new music is objectifying and repetitive, Life of Pablo by Kanye, ASAP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, etc.


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  • Girls do crazy things sometimes when their heart is broken. She probably just trying to keep occupied to keep her mind off you, she showed her true self when she was with you and that might remind her of you cause I'm sure she shared the things she liked with you right? So this bad boy is her escape, her adrenaline rush, its her way of releasing pain from a broken heart. When my heart got broken, i swore off all guys and try to do the self improvement thing yada yada.. its just a way of coping. Eventually when the pain starts to settle down.. she gonna come back to her senses...

    • Thanks so much! Yeah we dated for 3 years and she didn't change for me, she never changes for anyone. She was devastated at the breakup. But now says she will never come back after I say I want to talk about getting back together. I figure she is going through what I went through when I left her, at the time I was saying never also. I think she's suppressing her emotions and will eventually realize she loves me. Is that crazy to assume? We were soulmates in the truest sense of the word, I only left her because I needed more space and independence but I only grew even more into the man she wants to marry, so I see no reason for her to be rejecting me like this, only that she's not there emotionally yet

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