Reconnecting after years?

I spent 6 years together with my ex and was devistated when he broke up with me a few years back. Since then we haven't spoken or acknowleged each other even in social situations- at least that was until yesterday...

Mutual friends of ours got married yesterday and we found ourselves in the awkward situation of being in a bridal party (As a couple we introduced our best friends and years later have decided to get married).

Yesterday, for the first time in years we spoke and even had a laugh or two together, although nothing of any real substance. And on a few occassions he offered me his hand to help me up etc (even though another friend was tasked with helping me out in a bid to keep my ex and I away). While normally I would consider these just friendly, he would have had to make a conscious effort to go out of his way (especially since our default mode has always been to stand on opposite sides of the room). The point is, it was the first point of communication.

Part of me thinks I should just forget about it and stop reading into things, but another part just can't seem to shake him. I don't know if I should use it as an opportunity to open lines of communication? am i reading into it too much? I am so confused.
Reconnecting after years?
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