Reconnecting after years?

I spent 6 years together with my ex and was devistated when he broke up with me a few years back. Since then we haven't spoken or acknowleged each other even in social situations- at least that was until yesterday...

Mutual friends of ours got married yesterday and we found ourselves in the awkward situation of being in a bridal party (As a couple we introduced our best friends and years later have decided to get married).

Yesterday, for the first time in years we spoke and even had a laugh or two together, although nothing of any real substance. And on a few occassions he offered me his hand to help me up etc (even though another friend was tasked with helping me out in a bid to keep my ex and I away). While normally I would consider these just friendly, he would have had to make a conscious effort to go out of his way (especially since our default mode has always been to stand on opposite sides of the room). The point is, it was the first point of communication.

Part of me thinks I should just forget about it and stop reading into things, but another part just can't seem to shake him. I don't know if I should use it as an opportunity to open lines of communication? am i reading into it too much? I am so confused.


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  • To be honest, I wouldn't know either BUT judging from what you said has happened between you recently it might be that he's possibly changed his stance about you. Otherwise how could you both personally laugh about it? Laughter is good medicine, and a great way to help reconnect and heal old pains. It is a good sign in my view (for you to possibly come together). The question is though if you decide to move forward with him again, are you both able to put your past issues behind you? For some couples it can be difficult, although not impossible (we hear it every so often on the news celeb couples coming together). The question will be, do you love each other enough to give it another chance? If so, forgiveness will also have to play a big part in it for it to work...


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  • if he apologise and explain then consider?
    many guys want to root their ex, it is quite simple. if there is any connection, he will say so.

  • I know that it can be hard. You should still move forward to the beat of your ability. Remember the past, and look towards the future. Life is short, enjoy it the best you can.

  • it is hard with ex's that you shared a lot of history with.. when you were forced into interacting the ice broke and the walls kinda came down. old comfortability came back and the positive aspects if each other came to the surface which is where you are now.. you need to remember why you broke up and what Happened to cause it. everyone starts out lovely but things change with time.. it is easy to fall back into the daydreaming of that past relationships good things. just remember it ended for a reason.


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