My kids dad and I had a one night stand and then he told me he was gay?

So, my kids dad and I haven't had a good relationship and as of two weeks ago it all got surprisingly better. I eventually made a mistake recently being with him. The next day I call him I asked him about his sexuality because I noticed/felt something was different about him. He tells me he is at his "buddies" house (its 1243am) and has a facetious attitude and laughs saying I need to get some sleep and then he eventually says something like your narrative may not be that far off and that he might be gay. Then he says he needs to meditate on this, and he will talk to later. We talk again a few days later and he says laughing that he was going to wait until he saw me to tell me that he wasn't gay and he only said it because I'm impossible to talk to and I come up with my own narrative without facts.
I'm posting this here because my judgment is so clouded. I need someone to help me with this. I've been out of the dating scene for 10yrs he was the last man I was with... what is he doing and why? Is he gay or not? I don't understand please help me.


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  • whether he is or not he has to take care of his kids

  • Well you can talk with him


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