Ex boyfriend just turned sour towards me and now wants nothing to do with me?

Met this guy in Facebook he went to my high school last year but decided to go back to his school and I never really took much notice of him whilst he was at my school and then a year later in may we started talking and we just clicked talking about everything and anything he quickly swept me off my feet and asked me to be his I said yes and everything was going so good he was showering me with compliments long paragraphs showering me with kisses and cuddle just love and affection that I always wanted you know. We met up a week later of being together and he wanted me to meet his parents and he meet mine that went well and he continued to be the perfect boyfriend a month into being together we both had sex wasn't awkward or anything it just happened after that we was still together happy and then unfortunately 17 June his uncle died and that's when things spiralled out of control he became distant didn't want to see me he basically stopped showing love to me he wouldn't even make the effort anymore and when we tried to see each other it wouldn't go to plan and then we started breaking up getting back together and it just carried on until yesterday I pushed him over the edge with all of the arguing he just said consider me gone and never bothered messaging me again. I honestly don't understand how someone who claimed to have loved you so much and told you that they'd never leave has just left you like you don't mean anything to them.
he seen that I shared a memory on Facebook with me and one of my guy friends and I said "lotta love" he commented on the post with. ':/' and i said pop up right now and he did saying "what the actual fuck do you want now?" And i said why you being so horrible to me and he said fuck off. "Lotta love" yeah fucking never trusted you. I kept having a go at him for thinking he's talking to other girls and just picking at him for no reason and he sent this paragraph Friday morning saying that


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  • Honestly I don't know what happened, if it was his uncle's passing or something you did or he did, but at this point it doesn't matter, you broke up, and things got ugly, it's time to move on, delete him from your your fb and social networks and just try to go on with your life, he should do the same


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  • I would say he really loved his Uncle. and is having a hard time dealing with his death.

    • Well I gathered that too but I've never been put in a position with a boyfriend who's lost their loved one. I mean I'm giving him space but I truly believe this wasn't meant to end like this because before his uncle passed he was fine and happy and that's why I believe it is his uncle but sometimes I think it's because of me.

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    • Not with the arguing I always did I don't think and maybe he's a lot happier now that I'm not around anymore and he doesn't need to invest his time into me anymore lesson to learn

    • that's a pretty hard lesson. from someone you really liked. Sorry, you had to go through that.

  • well, he IS an EX. Typically, that is what happens. people move on. He moved on. It is improper for exes to have any contact.

  • He's jealous on you

    • Because?

    • Because he loves you

    • But he broke up with me and won't even speak to me so doesn't that show he doesn't love me anymore

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