Breaking up in advance before moving away from each other?

First of all, I know that these things are super personal and subjective, so I'm not asking this to hear what to do per se, but more of just to hear people's opinions on such a situation :)

We've been together with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now, but will both be moving to different countries for university soon (he in 6 weeks, me in 8). Our relationship has been very bumpy but all in all we enjoy each others company, mean a lot to each other and things are good. Not amazing, head over heals tho, which is why we've decided not to stay in a long distance relationship.

Now would it be easier, smarter etc, to break up now, or wait until the very last moment? Our times together are enjoyable yes, but also overshadowed by the looming end, and for example all talk of university feels sad and rude almost. If we were to break up now, we also wouldn't maybe be so heart broken when going to uni, there would be time to heal. Also the thought of kinda being "forced" into breaking up because of time ending feels worse than kinda deciding it for ourselves now. But then again, we could enjoy the summer together and just try to not feel too sad...
Breaking up in advance before moving away from each other?
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