Is this relationship over?

I'm 17 and I met this amazing guy when I moved to a new town last year. He's in all my classes and we get along very well. We both like the same tv shows, take music classes at the same place and he's the only one that understands all my stupid jokes. About four months ago he asked me out, 2 weeks after braking up with his previous girlfriend. A few days ago he left me. He told me he still likes me, but that he isn't inlove with me and that he feels like I shouldn't be the one doing all the work. He's not willing to even try working on the relationship. I suspect his mother is manipulating him, because she always has to get her way. I've seen him once after the breakup and we laughed en talked like we always have. The brakeup were very sudden. The previous day he was teasing me like always and everything was fine. Is the relationship truly over? Is there something i can do to save it?


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  • dont hurt yourself,
    investing your emotions in something like this isn't going to have a positive outcome

  • Do you like him or love him? Do you feel that you miss him?

    • I like him a lot and I miss having him in my life. We're only 17 so I wouldn't call it love. I know it is not the end of the world,, but I love having him in my life and he makes me feel like the world is a better place. I really miss him.

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    • I'll see him again in 3 weeks. Can you please just tell me whether there's hope for the relationship to continue or not?

    • It's possible, some guys get shy and don't know what to do when they he

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