I have a question for girls I need some advice too?

So anyway me and my girlfriend broke up about 7 weeks ago. There was no cheating or anything. Although I lied about looking at my ex's Facebook and she lied about getting one of her ex hookups number at a bar one night. She downplayed her lie and barely apologized while I apologized maybe 50 times already. She broke up with me a couple weeks after the lies when we ended up having a fight at a party.

In the beginning of the break up she was calling me drunk for the first 2 weeks telling me she missed me. I made all the bad mistakes of begging the whole time with her telling me I'm a liar and she hates me and to leave her alone. Then I went no contact and she contacted me a week and a half afterwards to go to a concert that I had bought her tickets for way back. I went. She asked me to sleep at her house. I did. She kept hinting she wanted to cuddle but I didn't. The next day we fought the whole day. She kicked me out of her house and I went to a bar. She ended up meeting me there. We drank and she invited me back to her house. I told her no but she kept telling me to stop acting like I didn't want to go eventually I gave in and went. We ended up having sex. Next day was good she gave me a kiss and I left.

Then later I see on her snapchat with another guy. I decided to play it cool and just not text her til she texts me. 5 days go by and she still didn't text so I text her. She is all mad at me saying I used her for sex. We get in another fight and she tells me never to contact her. I go no contact again for about a week and text her she's still angry about everything. The lie, the sex. Everything. I ended up begging again and she tells me to leave her alone and that "it looks like I'm so happy without her on social media" and never to contact her. So now it's been 2 weeks since that and I haven't contacted her.

More below. Can't fit it all in here
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The whole time before these 2 weeks she was always posting stuff online definitely directed at me whether it be mean things or sad things. In the past 2 weeks she's only posted like 2 things directed at me. So now I'm wondering if maybe she's not so angry at it or if she is completely over me? I have a plan I want to ask what girls think of it. Below
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When we first met she loved my ambition for music. When we were dating I lost site of that and got very lazy. So I'm getting my own place in 2 weeks something me and her always talked about doing together. I've been making changes and really improving my life. My plan is next week to send her a package. "She lives kinda far... like 2 hours away" and it will be a song I wrote for her about when we first met. More below... again lol sorry.
I have a question for girls I need some advice too?
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