Ex sent me stupid video 4 days after break up?

Ex and I broke up after a 5 month long relationship. I initiated the breakup because I felt like he wasn't putting effort into our relationship. If I didn't contact him, we wouldn't talk for days or a week at a time.

The last message I sent him I told him how I was heartbroken and confused as to what I should be feeling (stupid to say I realize that now). He never responded to the message and unfollowed me on social me a day later.

I thought that would be the end of it but today he sent me a "funny" video. What game is he playing? What is he hoping to get out of this?


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  • he doesn't respect you or really care about you, did you have sex?

    • Yeah we did

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    • well, he shouldn't have done you that way anyways, him sure you are a very attractive girl

    • Thank you, that means a lot ❤️

  • It might be his way of saying sorry, wanna get back together?

    • But why ignore my last message and unfollow me?

    • Cause he is an idiot... either way I would say just move on, you don't need stuff like this in your life

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