Ex messaged after 1 month of NC?

Well my ex has messaged after 1month of NC saying she appreciates me looking after her when she was depressed and she apologised for making things difficult.

It came out of the blue and don't really know why she would message me? I have a few theories but I'm not sure how I feel about it


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  • This could be her guilt about things she did, said, or how she acted when she was with you. Maybe she wanted to apologize as a way to help herself to move forward and heal over the breakup.
    Her having depression means it can be quite difficult for her to allow herself to open up to things, and to people. Especially when the depression comes from many aspects of her life. She may have felt bad about feeling the ways she did or not being able to be who she wanted to with you.

    Who knows, depending on how the breakup went, and who brokeup with who, it may be her reason for the breakup if it was her who chose it. She may be struggling too much right now with her own happiness, and giving her time to find it is what she needs. That message could be her letting you know she still cares about you, and doesn't want to burn bridges with you since you were (and maybe still are) someone special to her life.

    This could be a sign she might still be interested in you. Clearly the no contact thing has given her time to think, and heavily assess herself and her feelings, thoughts, etc. Her apology message could have further meaning behind it. It's hard to tell though, so if you do choose to respond keep it neutral and short.
    Something like "I understand your depression gets hard to deal with, It's okay. Thank you for the apology."

    See if she sends anything back or keeps the contact going. it may be a few days but see what happens before hand.

    • Well another guy came into the picture and I think he made her forget about all the good I brought into her life and started reminding her of the bad. So she broke up with me. I rate myself highly and I know he's got nothing on me. loving someone like her is difficult because there's many lows along the way. However I looked past that and even when we went to see each other one last time to end things, I could feel myself falling in love with her all over again. In general we got on really well and yeah there will be disagreements but we made each other better people. I did reply kept it short and polite. Didn't try to keep the conversation going.
      Thanks for the reply!

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