I'm unsure about my marriage?

I've been with my wife for like 14 years. we have 2 young children whom I love more than anything but i feel like I'm delaying the inevitable. we've got baggage in our relationship just like anyone else and if it wasn't for the kids I'm not sure we would be together. I feel lost.


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  • It is normal to have doubts in a relationship. But why do you think that you two wouldn't be together if you didn't have kids? Is that problem solvable? If so, then work on it together. If it's not solvable, then I think you should indeed think about what's best for you to do.

    • I second this question, more detail, I want to know why he feels this way too.

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    • Okay, that is good though. Building and maintaining a good relationship takes time and effort, so don't expect things to be better within a month.
      And remember that if you think you're better off when you're not apart, then it's time to break up.

    • A relationship changes after having children and that is normal. Children cause stress and stress can have major effects on behavior. So perhaps that is the reason that your relationship has become a little rocky?

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