Straight Hair Perm Retouch?

Girls, have you ever gotten a straight hair perm? If so, did you ever go back to get it retouched after 6 months or so?

I was wondering how much you paid the first time you got the perm and how much you paid for the retouch.

I need to get my hair retouched and so I went to make an appointment and I asked my stylist how much the retouch was and she said it was the same price as the first perm, which was 200 bucks. Honestly, I thought it'd be cheaper since its a retouch.


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  • It cost me about 300 the first time. I've never had it retouched but I get my hair straightened every 9 months

  • can you clarify what kind of hair treatment you're getting?

    the only kind of straight perms I know of are 1) relaxers (2) brazilian keratin treatments and (3) japanese thermal straighteners

    • Oh, japanese thermal straightener.

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