Im confessing my feelings for this girl. How could it affect her relationship. Could she leave her boyfriend for me?

The girl that i really like also likes me and we have kind of a history together. When she was with her ex boyfriend, she never told me about him even when i asked her out. like three times. She smiled at me and made long eye contact every time we ran into each other. After she broke up with her boyfriend i got a lot of mixed signals from her. Sometimes she would give me a lot of attention sometimes she would ignore me. after not talking to each other fro months i went over to her and talked to her she was very happy that i approached her and cathed up with her after months of not talking to each other. Now a couple of months later she has started a new relationship with her best guy friend. I saw it on Facebook a few weeks ago. Im not friends with her on Facebook by the way she has an open profile. I have been told that she likes me too but the fact that we were not talking anymore made her move on from me. Her new boyfriend have spent a lot of time together as friends for several months. I think he knows about the history i have with her. When i see them around together on campus she does look at me quite a bit. Im going to confess my feelings for her when I'm back on campus after the summer. . Could that affect her relationship with her new boyfriend. Could that make her leave him fro me?


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  • Honestly bud, don't go down that road. For one, why would you want to be with someone who can be "stolen"? 9/10 she'll do the same to you. And also, why would you want to put her in that position to choose? Unfortunately you missed the window to tell her. Now she's with someone, and you want to break them up. It's selfish. This isn't an attack or an attempt to make you feel bad. I'm just saying have some decency and respect her relationship.

    • I get your point but i really feel strongly about this girl and that it really should be us. So I'm going to confess my feelings. So I'm just asking for an Unbiased opinion. Whats likely to happen?

    • Unfortunately, life isn't a movie. Confessing your feelings under those circumstances is probably not going to produce the result you want. But I wish you well all the same.

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