What could this potentially mean?

Hey all, so this is a question about an ex best friend--not girlfriend.
We basically "broke up" as friends and I still have some of her stuff I told her I want to give back. First, she asked when I want to drop it off or if I want to meet up somewhere which is odd because we've fought before and she had my backpack that she said she'd leave outside her front door (guessing she didn't want to see me)... so for her to not tell me to just leave it at her door is strange. I was out one night and she texted asking I wanted to drop off the stuff. I said I couldn't because I wasn't home and didn't have her stuff with me. I asked if I could drop the stuff off the next day, but she said no because she had plans and said she'll text me within the next week. I should also mention before she said she had plans, in an earlier text she asked if I wanted to drop off her stuff the next day. She went from not being busy to being busy in 2 minutes. Anyway, she then said there's no rush on it. She still hasn't texted me regarding her things.

Is this a way for her to maybe still have some sort of connection to me if she ever wanted to reach out in the future?


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  • I think you should relax a little. Don't answer her 2 days long. Maybe then, she thinks about her behaviour

    • You mean if she ever texts to ask for her stuff back, don't reply for at least two days?

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    • Harsh... but do-able on my end.

      Would it be rude if I were to just drop her stuff off on her front door? I feel like for the sake of the great friendship we once had, it'll be a little savage to do that. I just don't understand why said there's no rush on it. If I wanted to be out of someone's life and have them be out of mine, I'd want my stuff back after they offer.

    • I guess she plays a little with you. so turn it a little

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