Is it normal to not think guys are hot after you been let down?

I've been let down by three guys in the past month, Now when someone goes he's a cutie I don't feel anything is that normal?

i want to know if it is normal to not feel anything anymore not if guys go for girls who are hurt for sex
does it just mean I'm numb?
Am I numb from all the hurt or am I turning into a lesbian?


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  • apparently, YES

    some people tend to over-react.

    i don't get it, we, guys, ask girls out, get let down thousands of times, and we still work get back up and try again,

    girls, ask one two or three guys, and if they get rejected, they decide theyre not into guys !

    i don't know if this makes sense, I am just mad. sorry.


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  • I like to go for girls that have been recently hurt, because they are vulnerable. They will usually have sex with me at will.

    • I bet your name and the word looser come up a lot in the same sentence. Just be happy you never pulled that with any of my daughters friends....then you would have been a looser who got his ass handed to him by a girl

    • Loser only has one "o", but thank you.

What Girls Said 1

  • ...are you asking if ur going gay? dnt do it...not that have a problem with gays but I'm just saying dnt give up. I've been hurt bad..maybe worse than you...molested at 6 till 12...

    If you believe in God...just know he made someone speacial just for you..

    Here are some tips:

    1. get to know him first. dnt go straight into a relationship

    2. if you dnt trust him...dnt do it

    3. if the only time he talks to you, is when your turned on, cut it off


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