How do I have that serious relationship problems solving talk? When would the best time be and how?

To break up or not to break up and fix everything and ask what each other wants and needs to become a better couple and do that.
This is what I need and want, deserve for us, I believe you also deserve, need the same as I do, now do you want this if not then we need to break up so I can find someone who wants the same healthy normal happiness as I want. Been together for years and have twins together.


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  • Depends can your partner stop and listen and can you? And how touchy it is. Personally with every serious conversation I have had in my relationship is through messages, this way the each other doesn't get interrupted and can think about what they are going to say, and can't have the scenario of "but you said/didn't say" when you did or didn't. Do it in the house, either same room or different rooms.


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