Would my girlfriend stay with me if she loved me, through my mental health?

Basically, I had serious mental health problems which led me to make a mistake by messaging girl, i've been told by my doctor that it was solely because of my mental health, and even i stuck with her when she was off her face and kissed a boy once and we became so much stronger, but what I'm asking is if she truly truly loved me and believed it was solely down to mental health would she stay with me because we've been broken up for 2 months now?


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  • Uhm sorry but I call bs on this. No mental disorder makes you physically do shit unless you have schitzoprehnia (spelling!!) You should take responsibility for your actions. Yeah you can have mental probems but it is definitely wishful thinking to try to use it as a cop out. YOU decided to message a girl. I dont know the context of this situation but I would be far more pissed off at a SO giving me a bs excuse than the act itself. You mess up, you own it. I would definitely leave if my partner claimed he should be excused for cheating due to his "mental disorder".


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  • Dude get a councilor it helps a lot


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  • If your mental health illness causes you to cross her boundaries then yes , a girl who loved you would leave you

    If my boyfriend had a mental health illness , i wouldn't leave him solely because of his mental health illness, but I would leave him -no matter how much I loved him- If he crossed a relationship boundary due to his mental health illness. I'd never accept being treated with disrespect or unfairly in any kind of circumstance

    You can't expect anyone to accept behaviour that crosses their boundaries.

    If your mental health illness is the cause of you to act inappropriately i. e messaging a girl, then it's not a mistake... it's your behaviour, so it's more likely you'll do it again. You've admitted your illness caused you to do it.

  • fair enough, it might have been due to your state of mind because of your mental health...
    but that means she would have to accept that this could happen time and time again, because of your mental health. she could also think it is too easy of an excuse if you were to do it in a better state of mind.

    it is a lot to accept and a lot to expect someone to be able to deal with. regardless if she has kissed someone else before. that doesn't give you the automatic right to be forgiven if you did it. you chose to forgive her and that should have been the end of it, not something you could hold over her when the time suits you


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