My last boyfriend left me with no goodbye. No closure for our relationship?

My last boyfriend just left with no goodbye. I can say that our relationship was just getting started when he left me. But we don't have much problem. Then destiny decided to play on our lives. I have to leave him coz of some problem on my visa. He told me we will find a solution for it, that he will help me. But one day without a word he just left me. Its been months since them. Even tho I tell myself that I will just forget the pain, its still there. I still hope one day he will send a message to me at least to just have closure.
  • Should I still hope that one day he will come back.
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  • Forget him all at once
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  • what's the point of sitting around waiting for him to tell you something that makes you feel good about yourself?
    don't punish yourself by staying in an unfinished relationship... like a door without any keys.
    just give your life some attention and interest.
    surround yourself with friends and be more social.

    • aww thank you that gives me so much sense

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    • give yourself a time to build your confidence and rebuild your feelings about yourself before committing to any other relationship.
      it's easy to date other guys... but what's the point if you don't learn from the previous relationship?
      some people say that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else, which may actually work for some, but may also cause more harm than help.

    • 😭 oooh that's totally true

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  • "Best way to get over someone, Get under someone" ;)

    • hahaha then i should try that

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  • i had similar situation. the pain and sorrow and the horrible situation. anyways, don't lose yourself over someone who doesn't want you like that. value yourself and be thankful for what you have: family friends and anyone nice with you. i know it's hard. and i am not asking you to let go off anyone who isn't good with you. just don't fall down that path of sorrow. if he leaves then he lost you. not the other way :)

    • thank you. really your advice did hit me hard. i was blaming myself the longest time, i thought its all my fault that i lost him. yes you are right he just lost me. i did give him all my love, i even think to convert to muslim for him, i was willing to give up all my plans but then he just left me. i want to wish him bad. i want him to not find a girl who will love him. i'm really hurt so bad. i hope someday i can love again.

    • i had that brief depression and stopped eating couldn't sleep lost much weight suddenly. ans then what? it turned iut it wasn't my fault that i lost her. it was all about her and i was just ruining myself. later i opened the chat and started to talk with friends that i have long neglected. they were glad to hear from me and i was glad i didn't lose them. the pain gradually fades, but you remain dear.

    • yes you got it all correct... its just that i lost friends who i dearly treasured... friends who just also left me... that's why when i have him my ex boyfriend i thought i would have someone who i just treasure and put all my love in... i did expect that he was at least be the one... i had hopes with him... 😢 to be honest i already tried to date other guys i was wishing i could forget him... all the pains and sorrows but i ended up ruining myself and hurting more

What Girls Said 1

  • He probably left, move on

    • that's what my mind says but at the back of my mind there's still a feeling of hope he will come back... i know its bullshit... 😭 i wanna let go

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