Did my boyfriend broke up with me with a stupid reason?

Hey guys, so my boyfriend I had an argument today. He was saying to me: boys and girls are not equal, babe. When you go somewhere you have to ask me for permission but if i go somewhere I don't have to ask you for permission.

When he said that I got really really mad but because I love him I didn't swear neither got angry by raising my voice or anything. I told him to stop talking to me and he just hung up the phone without letting me continue my sentence. That was the part where I got really really really mad and I wanted to sweat to him on Whatsapp but I didn't want to hurt him so I blocked him and logged out on our instagram page. After I was calm again I deblocked him and told him: my anger is over. He said: I break up with you because you see me as your equal, because you are blocking me and because you are tripping.

So my question is: is it completely my fault that he broke up with me or is he just acting immature. I feel really really bad because I didn't do anything immature and handled the situation like an adult would do. I told him that he shouldn't hang up the phone because I wasn't even done with my sentence but he makes excuses. Please guys, did I really do something wrong and am I the reason this relationship ended?
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Hey guys,

so my ex called me 14 times on Wednesday and sent me a text message which said: where are you. Call me.

Thursday I sent him a text back saying ''what's up?'' He said ''nothing'' so I said ''okay'' and then he said ''okay'' too. 5 mins later he asked me ''what are you doing?'' and called me 5 times. I called him back and we talked for 17 minutes asking how my day was and everything. Then he said he would call me back. he didn't
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Yesterday he put on his Whatsapp status: who is the one with regret ;)

What is he trying to do?
Did my boyfriend broke up with me with a stupid reason?
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