Girls, Girl always glares, stares at me when she sees me?

Girl who I see around who works at my local store used to always smile and look me up and down and I would smile back etc. So if I went to her checkout she would start conversations and talk about her evening plans or tell me random stuff like she's buying clothes online. So I knew her colleague who works there as well and asked her who her hot friend was she didn't know her name cz she was new. So I said I'll find out my self and ask her. When I'm next in. So days after I went in and she seen me and looked more chatty / happy etc and kept looking at me. so 3 weeks later o went to her checkout and we was laughing cz she got electric shock and then she said she's going out to town I asked we're n she complaining cz she only had little to to prepare like 20 mins she also assumed I offered a lift home which I didn't and said her mother is outside waiting so I said have a good night etc So I decided not to be creepy and just avoided her checkout for a few months. At first she didn't really notice but she then-started looking at me all the time like tryin g to figure me out, then glaring , staring etc every time she sees me but looking away sad. now all she does is look at me with a blank face then look to the ground. Or looking to see we're I am Why does she always do that EVERYTIME she sees me?


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  • maybe she lost her contact lenses and it's hard for her to see who you are now


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