Does he want to give it another chance? ?

i recently broke up with a guy. i was in a bad place in my life where i had to deal with issues and he stayed and tried to help mefor ten months until it got to the point where i made him miserable.

i asked him if i could ask him out later on when i fixed my issues, and he said it might not be too late. he said "when that time comes i'll get to know the other you and talk to her but for now we are done so focus on finding yourself again and not on me"

he said "but for now we are done"

does this mean he might give me another chance?


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  • It means he might give you another chance but more importantly it also means there's something about you that he doesn't like. Or there's something that you did that hurt him and he's not ready to forgive. Try to figure t all out.


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