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it has been two months since we ended things, she did it but I understood and have accepted it. She was a big part of my life and we have done and shared so much together that I can't bear the thought of not having her in my life at all. We talked a couple of times she returned a text with a call, then she texted me and we exchanged a few messages, she said she would call me, never did, I asked her why can't she just be honest with me and tell me she can't be in contact, instead of just ignoring me...it is quite frustrating I wish she would just be honest, why is she leaving me hanging? I get the message though, she doesn't want to talk, but why can't she be mature about it and just let me know so I know. we left on really mutual and friendly terms, she said she had no love left but still was glad for all we had shared. Is this a women thing, I'm just trying to be mature and open, as I thought she would be? Or am I trying to analyze nothing here lol and really anything she says is irrelevant.

so I am a masochist, went for a the beer/walk. We laughed a lot she stared at me intently joked around touched me. It seemed like me and this amazing girl just had this amazing first date, I'm not expecting anything and will wait to see if she makes any
effort. I really want what I had back and maybe she does too, but half of me thinks she just very well be the devil.


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  • You are overanalyzing this situation and it's quite simple. You don't want to believe her when she lets you know she has MOVED ON.. She has let you know in so many words ( being kind and not wanting to hurt your feelings) that SHE IS NOT INTERESTED. You want her to TELL YOU ( to get her engaged to talk to her?) and she is not going to do it. She is being far more mature by moving on - having broken it off 2 mos ago and nice enough to respond to a couple of your calls. Please take the hint, Sweetie. Stop imagining that she will remain in your life because she won't. Maybe several months from now you can try again to become "friends".. Now? NO. Too soon. You broke up for a reason. Remember that. AND.. what you are feeling now is LONELY and missing the GOOD TIMES. I am sure she is missing the good times you used to share but she's chosen to share good times with SOMEONE ELSE now. Please let go. If you continue to try to contact her ~ that is STALKING. Do NOT do it. Show some dignity and self respect - accept that it is over - that she does not want to remain friends ( too hard for a woman when feelings were involved) .. and go on to live a happy life. Good luck.

    • Ok so I wasn't stalking, and I have accepted the break up, I am all for it. I left it alone for a few days, she just messaged me to grab a beer and go for a walk, now I am so confused and don't know if I should go or no.

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    • I agree with Louise. I'm in the same situation but I'm the one having a hard time letting go. I wanted my ex to TELL me to leave him alone, even though he said in so many words that he didn't want to be in a relationship. But you're right, not HEARING those words just makes it harder. For me, I needed to come to terms with it myself and not wait for those words to come from him, because they probably never will. Best thing to do is surround yourself with friends, and do not think about her.

    • She's just playing with you. Leave it alone.

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