Girlfriend of 11 years has a boyfriend, how do I get her back?

Last year I broke it off. The problem is the we got too comfortable with eachtoher and everything annoyed us about one another. The thing is that we had just signed a lease together so we were committed to staying in the same apartment. Months went by and we hardly talked. I figured I'd give us some space or whatever. Now I found out recently that she's seeing someone new. She even labels him as her boyfriend. When asked, she tells me it's just a title and it doesn't mean anything to her. We're trying to work it out right now yet she's still with him because she said she's scared of going back to a toxic relationship.

The thing is, she's been super critical and demanding like never before now. I'm trying super hard to get her back, I buy her flowers, plan out events, make her laugh all the time, cook and clean around the house. Thing is, I feel like I'm walking on egg shells around her. She blows up at the smallest things... we could have a perfect weekend but all would be ruined because of something insignificant like 1.) texting my business partners 2.) me coming home 10 minutes after I said I would 3.) if I leave something out of place

Letting this girl go is not an option. But the situation rn is bs. She has a boyfriend and expect me to be there hand and foot. WHAT DO I DO?


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  • Do you really want to be with someone like that?


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  • first of all I dont know sht about relationships so carefull xD

    I think if you would remain convenient for her, do everything she wants etc, the chances of getting her back will diminish with time
    if I would be in your position i'll tell her that its too much and that I need to get a place of my own, after that I wouldnd want to show her my true emotions but just keep everything casual, you can still talk to her and be the nice guy you are ^,^ but show her you know how to move on, because right now she can go back to you any time she likes and she knows that so bluntly said, it doenst really have a priority, when you're moving on, pick up new hobbies (I started kickboxing and I still love it) and generally just try to improve yourself

    chances are she will get the feeling the rope she has around your neck is slowly slipping trough her fingers and if she wants you back she has to work for it (dont make it too easy/dont play hardtoget either) when that starts memories of the two of you will pop up and the strength behind this is: when you look back, if you want to or not, you mainly remember the good stuff, its human nature to look back to your past with "rose-colored glasses". its hard to explain but you need to give her the feeling that she could go back to you if she would put effort into it while if she won't put effort into it she will loose you

    so thats my thoughts about it and I hope it might help, the situation you're in atm sucks balz.

    Good luck bro ~tell me how it ends ^,^

    • edit: if there really is no way you can leave the appartement, just get waaay to casual and focus a lot on improving yourself without mentioning it (just walk out the door with your sportsbag and if she asks just reply with a simple, ow just hitting the gym for a sec)

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    • or something not so harsh but in any case she needs to know that you gave it your all and it did not change a thing

    • also really focus on improving yourself by for example working out, if she you getting"better" she will get the feeling that more "doors" will open for you to choose from

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