Should I keep trying or let go?

I have been with a guy pretty consistently for almost two years. Before getting involved with him, I knew his reputation. He is know for having multiple girls. We started off as friends and sat next to each other everyday in class, but we soon became closer. Before I knew it we were friends with benefits, then I was his widely known main girl, then his girlfriend. I have fallen deeply in love with him and can't see myself with anyone else, but I know he does me wrong. Everyone knows he loves me and he has made a huge improvement, but he still messes up every now and then and it hurts. I would do anything for him and want to spend the rest if my life with him, but everyone knows his ways and most people advise me break up with him for good. I have become very close to his family and they love me, but my parents keep trying to get me to stop seeing him.

I read this book recently and it made me realize how many mistakes I made and how I should have set standards with him to begin with.I broke up with him a couple days ago, but I know our love for each other is always going to be there. I feel like I would be losing if I gave up on us. These days boys are dogs, so even if I let him go I still feel like I will never find anyone worth my time.


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  • I feel sad for you, not because of what he’s doing to you but because you’re letting him do this to you. You under 18, chances are you guys will eventually break up and then you will look back and wonder why you wasted so much energy and time into someone who doesn’t even love you. And NO he DOESN’T love you. What a lot of people don’t understand is that love isn’t an emotion it’s an action in which he doesn’t seem to act on. You will meet many more people in your lifetime, trust me.


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