I know that a very close friend of mine's girlfriend of almost three years is cheating on him with her ex?

i have known both of them for the past three years but I'm closer to my guy friend then the other chick. their relationship is rocky at best but Kevin is a really nice guy and really cares for her. I was hanging out with Amy alone and all she talked about was her ex and how she still lets him come over all the time and how she has to think of him during sex just to get turned on. she's defiantly not over her ex but she's still stringing him along. she's Kevin's first girlfriend and even though in the past people have told him of her cheating he never believes them and this tends to ruin the relationship in most cases. I want to do what's best for him , I don't want her to hurt him anymore but I don't want him to distrust me , should I tell him what's I know ? and if so how can I do it so he will believe me ? or should I just let it go and wait for him to find them together or something ?


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  • If he's a good friend you definitely need to tell him. I'm sure he already knows, he just doesn't want to admit it to himself. That's why he ruins the friendship with anyone who tells him otherwise. He doesn't want to believe it. However, I think as his friend you need to tell him anyway. Eventually their relationship will end and he will want you back as a friend (if he distances himself from you).

  • distance yourself from them both and when he asks, spill the beans...if he doesn't believe you, then walk away from that friendship and let him find out and he probably will look to you for recovery


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