Why does my ex keep looking at me?

My ex keeps looking at me. She broke up with me and wanted space over a month ago. I tried to get her to stay the first day but she didn't want too. I went straight into NC. She played mad games after the break up. She was friendly, then extremely cold, then friendly again, now she just looks sad and looks at me a lot. We weren't together long anyways.

She played mad games by trying to make me jealous. Within the first week of breaking up with me and doing no contact, she texted "guess you were only in it for the sex".

saw her last night and she keeps looking at me. I would be talking to My buddy and she would be 3 feet away staring at me. Even before that on the same day, she kept looking at me.

why is she sad and keeps looking at me now?
Why does my ex keep looking at me?
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