I'm really tired of my ex calling me, and I don't know what to do..

He broke up with me 5 months ago. Lately he's been calling me about every 3 days. He talks about things in general. The problem is I still love him and I really don't know why he is doing this. He doesn't say anything about getting back together, but he does always end the calls with I love you. I know I could just blow him off but I don't want to. Please help..


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  • If you are serious about not wanting to talk to him... don't answer the phone.

    That's pretty easy. You will not move on and get over him if he keeps trying to hook you back in. He's manipulating you and only going to make you miserable.. Think about why you broke up in the FIRST PLACE? Do you think he's changed? Let him go... unless you want to ride an emotional roller coaster that will end up crashing in the end. You are keeping yourself from meeting guys who will adore you. Guys will lie and say " I LOVE YOU" to get what they want. Judge a guy by his actions.. not his words.. If you really don't want him back ( and I HOPE you don't...) DO NOT ANSWER THAT PHONE. Eventually... he will give up. Hugz.


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  • He broke up with you.. now he realizes life isn't so bliss with out you. He wants some joy in his life so he is coming back to you. He could not be saying anything because he might be trying to build things back first and see if going back to you is really what he wants... Or he might just be making sure you're still available to him if he wants you back.

    You probably should be forward about it and just ask him what is up.. Because you shouldn't let him waste your time anymore. If he wants to just be friends.. then he shouldn't be saying I love you.

    If he wants more than you have a right to know and should decide from there.


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  • From what I have read you feel tired, because it feels like you are stuck. You love him but he's not giving you any indication that you will be together again and is giving you the mixed signal of saying that he loves you every time you finish talking.

    I think the best thing for you to do first, although it's scary, is confront him. Ask him where you stand in this situation and if his intentions are to get back with you or he's trying to be friends. You need a straight answer and only he has the answer to this.

    It would be too difficult to simply rely on his behavior over the phone to guess or assume what he is thinking or feeling.

    It has to be either one of these because you do not want to feel hurt and stuck in between not knowing what's going on and what to do, and it will then be your call to decide if you don't want this at all and want to break off contact.


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