When should you give up and throw in that towel?

When should a person give up and realize you're never gonna be what he wants or all he needs to fulfill his personal life? I tried for the last 15yrs when he decided to let me know this and then another 3yrs later tells me he's bisexual. I still kept trying and did some not so proud things he wanted thinking he would see what I'do do for us at an intimate part of our lives he'd love me like a wife he wanted. I was the one that ended up being miserable for our last 15 out of the 18yr marriage. He was verbally abusive. When I finally decided to smarten up and realize I can't do this anymore, I want my life back. So again, when should a person give up, throw in that towel because I know now I wasted many years of my life.


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  • It varies situation to situation to be honest. There is a term that has been coined called "love blind" which happens more often than people think. The person in the relationship doesn't see it or is in denial and thinks the situation can be fixed or will change. While everyone on the outside wants to help but is not being heard. But I think of you have to ask this question you already know the answer to it... When it becomes clear to the "victim" of the situation and they want to change their life.

    We all only have one shot at life. Make the best of what you have left and enjoy it with someone who will treat you and respect you not only the way you want but the way you deserve. Best of luck to you!

  • I would think at the first sign of incompatibility


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  • You tried. He didn't appreciate it. Leave. You deserve better. You already spent 15 years in vain and he verbally abuses you. Leave. You deserve better. Get a divorce and get your life back.


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