Why won't my ex give it back?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me 5 mos ago but he wanted to stay friends. We hooked up twice since then. We haven't seen each other in 2 mos. I decided that I didn't want to see him anymore because it was too painful, so I asked him if I could get the lingerie back that he had bought me for my birthday. This was 2 weeks ago. He has said on several occasions that he would get in touch with me and I could pick it up from his house. He has made excuses why he hasn't gotten back to me. He has even called me to talk about it. He said he still has it in his closet so I know he didn't give it to someone else. I'm curious why he's playing games and why something so simple has to be so difficult?
Thanks guys for your responses. :)
Hi guys...please see my update below in the girls' comments :)


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  • He's got control over you right now.. Has some power.. He's dangling a toy in front of a cat.. Do yourself a favor. Walk away. Don't talk to him anymore, don't answer is phone calls.. don't even ask for it back. Who knows it may just end up in a box on your door step eventually.

    • Question: is he "holding on" to it because he's not "ready" to let me go? Does he feel if he does, there's no reason to communicate anymore? Why else waste your time playing games? His behavior is so confusing.

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    • Exactly! you can show me them if you like.. jk.. GL!

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  • why does it really matter? if he bought them for you and you two are over, just let him have the lingerie. I mean, what else is he going to do besides look at it? Wear it?

    • It matters to me because it's the principal of it. If I had something of his that I bought for him, I would give it back, because it's the right thing to do. Why play games?

  • He's not done sniffing them yet.


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  • BEcause he doesn't want you out of his life just yet... its probably his best way of communicating with you right now. Just seriously walk away... pretend like everything is fine and you don't need it. He will come around.

    • Thanks for the comment :). Well, I finally got tired of the games and text him last night. I told him to "just keep it". It has turned into such a production, and it's only 2 min out of his "busy day" to let me come by and get it. Now, it doesn't matter anymore. It's only lingerie right?

    • YES it is only lingerie! You'll have plenty more where that came from! Besides, the longer he keeps it... it will only be a reminder for HIM lol.

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