Does this guys love me?

while I was in an abusive marriage I got feelings for someone
•he admitted he had feelings for me too
• we decided to not act upon our feelings but became close friends ( meeting up for walks playing Xbox etc)
• my marriage breaks down and I kick my husband. out
• a month after this my friend and I go for a walk he keeps hugging me and holding my face kisses my head we nearly kiss
• we start getting flirty over Snapchat
• I bump into him drunk one night and he grabs my arse kisses my neck and we kiss heavily, he freaks out and says this is a bad idea but then oushes me back against a fence and kisses me hard again. he has to go back inside as his mate is inside and I highly suspect he is ordering drugs. when I get home I ask him what would he do to me, he says he would kiss me then I don't hear from him till the next day
• he says he can't remember a thing
• a week goes by so I message him on Snapchat and we start sending sexy messages and he implies he'd like me to come to his house but then freaks out and says he too drunk to fool around.
• I don't hear from him for a whole month despite me telling him in not looking to pin him down I'm happy for just sex or we can forget it and act like it never happened ( he still doesn't reply)
• I find out he's been taking drugs ( coke and ectasy)
• last week I message him asking him to please get back to me I'm worried about him, he says he's gone Into hiding but he will be back
• yesterday I messaged him saying that I was going to drop some sauce by and he said please don't worry he will feel guilty, I asked would he like to go for coffee soon he said yeah sure maybe, so I said how about next Wednesday he says honestly probably not but thanks
• I say if you want me to go away you can just say, he tells me he just needs time to sort himself out but he WILL be back and that he doesn't want me to leave him alone
I don't know what's going on, does he like me? he's quite a big guy I know he is also self conscious of his body
  • he loves you but the drugs are messing with his head
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  • he's not into you at all
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  • He more into his drugs then into you. Guess part of him wants you but he s mess. Don't repeat into a bad relationship.

  • wasted

  • It seems both Like each other there.


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