Ex wants to give me a birthday gift?

My ex recently dumped me for another guy. It happened about 6 weeks ago. I'm still hurting, but getting better.

My relationship with the girl was "on the fence" at the time. We weren't officially in a relationship but we were dating. It was the second time we got to together.

Her birthday is close to mine so I sent her a simple text and funny email to say happy b day and that was it. I haven't contacted her about anything else.

Well now it's my b day and my ex wants to take me out to my favorite "float tank" spa (I used it to recover cause I'm an athlete). When I was dating I spent a lot of money on her to go to this with me. Maybe she feels guilty.

The whole thing is she has boyfriend and tried to put me in the friend zone. I refused to be "just friends" and opted for "just nothing" cause friend zone is disrespectful considering we recently had a relationship. I also don't want to hear a word about her new boyfriend. But I did screw up and have a few friendly texts/phone calls after the break up, almost all initiated by me. However I did manage to stop contacting her.

Should I accept this gift? Part of me is really p*ssed off about being used financially and I'm gladly take back a gift after what I spent on her. The other part of me doesn't want to be "friend zoned" if I let her take me out to this it might confirm that I'm okay with just friends. Don't know what to do. Thoughts?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think you know the answer...

    Stop all contact with her and don't accept the gift unless she's letting you go alone. If she expects the two of you to go together, don't take it :P

    Otherwise, take the gift and stop all contact with her.


What Guys Said 1

  • You sir are a man, If the gift is for you then take it. If the gift is for both of you, then say no cause you already know what you want


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