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a feminist person came and talked about women in the work place and about her wimpy boyfriend who doesn't like climbing mountains and she told a story that makes me ask this question that her presentation made a young girl-who's whole family were doctors and that's what she was going to be- contact her and told the feminist that she was now a plumber but I asked why it doesn't make sense to me so I asked my friend who's a girl who saw the presentation and she said it was feminist bullshit and I asked my sister who's a hardcore liberal and she said good for her and made a joke about both unclog stuff which was dumb so I'm going to ask you people so please give your opinions not lectures on how I'm a privileged white male because I'm for equal rights and anyone can do any job if they have the skills
  • feminist bull
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  • good for her
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  • just why would she do that
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