If she really wanted to see me again would she text "I'll let you know?"

i've gone out with a girl twice.

she is super cute and we have had a lot of fun together (plus we've kissed both times).

she said she was excited to hang out again and I told her I would contact her letting her know my work schedule. I texted her today saying I had off sun and Monday and I asked her if she wanted to hang out one of those days.

she wrote back "i should be free Sunday night I'll let you know!"

i know it's just a text, but I am a bit thrown off guard.

if she really liked me wouldn't she write "of course that'll work" or something like that? or am I going crazy? "ill let you know" sounds more like she is unsure or saying "no" in a nice way. what do you guys and girls think?



Most Helpful Girl

  • Perhaps she was uncertain of her availability. Her family or friends may have tagged her for some event or other, and she might not be able to get out of it. If she doesn't let you know, then its a problem. For right now, assume she's trying to be considerate of all the people in her life.


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What Girls Said 1

  • If ALL she wrote was "I'll let you know" that's a blowoff. But "I should be free" is probably a yes.

    • Did you read my question:

      "she wrote back "i should be free Sunday night I'll let you know!""

What Guys Said 1

  • well the guy I like tells me I ll let you and he does let me know

    • Huh

    • Well when a girl says sure ill let you know its mean she wants you

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