How is it being a single mom?

This is my 1st day as one 😥 i don't know what the future has in hold for my child and I.


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  • I've never been a single mom, but I married one. It's going to be difficult, but not impossible. There will be days where you want to literally throw in the towel, but don't ever give up. You have a child depending on you for nearly everything. Focus your energy on taking care of them.

    Use EVERY resource you have available. Do not hesitate to use govt assistance - that's what it's there for! Getting in their system can be a PITA with the forms you have to fill out, but keep at it. You'll get there. Start this Monday when they open up!

    You'll get into a routine soon enough. Guard your finances like they were gold, because that's all you have. You'll learn to look for sales, coupons, and discounts for everything. Find friends you can lean on. When they offer, take them up from time to time. You'll need a break too!

    Just don't give up. You'll be OK... it's not easy, but it IS doable.


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  • it is whatever you make it to be, get your head in the game for the little beauty. focus on the well being of the child only and the fun will come when you're done. just don't start worrying about a new man too fast and you'll be fine.


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  • Congrats. It's hard. But you can do it.

  • It's hard but go to school, don't get with anyone just for the sake of not being alone. That's when kids have a higher chance and get molested and stuff


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